Is There an Advantage to Having a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Medicare Advantage can be exactly what it states, an advantage to being on Medicare. How often in our lives are we told, “Guess what? Today you’re getting an advantage!”. Well if you are one of the 300,000+ people who will be eligible for Medicare in the state of Nevada this year, you can receive an advantage.


A few benefits of having a Medicare Advantage plan

One of the advantages is the ability to enroll in an insurance plan that includes a pharmacy benefit.

Another advantage of a Medicare Advantage HMO plan is that your primary care doctor works as the lead of a team of doctors to oversee your health. Your doctor will supply referrals and order tests for you to make sure you maintain optimal health.

If you prefer a PPO over an HMO, there are also Medicare Advantage PPO plans available in Las Vegas. A Medicare Advantage PPO plan allows you to choose your own Specialists and not wait for a referral from your Primary Care Doctor.


You are entitled to have an agent

There are many insurance carriers that offer different Medicare Advantage products. Each plan has various coverages and provider networks. It is beneficial to you to contact an insurance agent who specializes in Medicare Advantage who will explain all of your options.

In addition, an agent will research your existing physicians and prescriptions to ensure you enroll in the right plan that suits your individual needs.


I’m here to help

Last but not least, it is important to be aware of the timelines associated with your eligibility to enroll. Contact me at The Medicare Store and I’ll be happy to review your specific situation and recommend a Medicare plan to you.


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